But other solidly-built mini-notebooks are just around the corner, including Lenovo’s S10 and probably an entry from Dell this fall. Its battery life is the longest we’ve seen in an Intel Atom-based netbook, lasting well over five hours. It is small and light, it has all you need from a notebook and it is as mobile as it gets. In fact, we have to commend the MSI engineers for packing in so much tech and keeping it all running very cool and quiet. Its high-price is off-putting though, so carefully consider your needs and budget.

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After all, the U’s exterior is eye-catching – even sexy, considering the glossy deep-blue finish of our review model. Laptop Mag If there were a Survivor: PC Advisor Larger storage, better networking and the all-important extended battery life make the revised U a winner.

We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. IT won’t suit anyone looking for a powerhouse portable but if your needs are basic, writing emails and using the internet, or a word processor for the commute, this is as good as it currently gets. Hexus Built firmly on the foundations laid down by the original Wind, MSI’s new netbook baby, the Wind UH, is more of the same, but with a slight twist. The big problem with the U, though, is its price.

It doesn’t have the looks to pull off a premium price tag and although it’s a good performer, it’s verging into traditional laptop territory. It’s small and fairly light about 2.

They feature the wire-free tidiness of a laptop, combined with the big screen of a desktop PC. Computer Shopper You know a notebook has hit the sweet spot in design when it elicits jealous looks from owners of both full-size laptops and the tiny Asus Eee PC. The original MSI Wind burst onto the msj in spectacular fashion, nabbing the first-ever Editors’ Choice in the netbook category.


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MSI Wind Series – External Reviews

If you care more about price than endurance, then the U is worth considering. The MSI Wind U is a solid netbook with a comfortable keyboard and a more stylish design than its predecessor. It’s still a good machine and if you’re happy to trade battery life for a better keyboard, or purchase a separate battery, it’s still worth serious consideration, but it just misses out on a wholehearted recommendation. It shares the same exterior appearance, keyboard and trackpad design.

Support For U | Laptops – The best gaming laptop provider | MSI Global

The 3-cell battery does limit its overall running time however. Mainly, bigger-sized tablets and convertibles weigh as much. It’s a great design and benefits from an excellent keyboard and screen, but it’s let down by battery life that cannot compete with the Eee PC and undercut by a re-branded j100, making you think twice.

Inside HW We sad that U90 is almost identical to U model which means that some differences are present. This AE is an attractively designed touchscreen PC, which is easy to use and looks good to boot.

For travellers — or anyone who wants to work for long periods of time away from a power outlet — the MSI Wind U is perfect.


Trusted Reviews Innovation can be a double-edged sword. The netbook will stay alive for a good 3 hours, which is decent for standard use, but you bideo up paying for a 6-cell battery that should really be giving you two or three more hours of work time.

As far as netbooks go, the MSI Wind U is a very interesting proposition but it’s not without its problems. But other solidly-built mini-notebooks are just around the corner, including Lenovo’s S10 and probably an entry from Dell this fall.

MSI Wind Series

Although it looks nice we got impression that black one would suite this model better and any stains would be less noticeable. Nothing has really suffered in this version, and anyone who purchases the netbook will be happy with it. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

The performance is equal to the N and therefore only suited for basic tasks. Most of the changes are appreciated but not spectacular: Please, switch off ad blockers. While the original specs that called for an 80GB hard drive with 3-cell battery can still be found, most Winds on sale today pack GB and a beefier 6-cell unit. It’s an interesting idea, but the results are mixed. We never once felt as though compromises had been made.