She grabbed his arm in desperation, sinking her manicured nails into his arm. The man spoke quietly with Mr. Chuck had decided it better to table conversation involving his weekend conquest until later that afternoon. A look into the lives of Serena, Blair, Nate and Chuck with a little Georgina before Serena left, filling in the holes from childhood to junior year. Unfortunately, the majority of the female students in Chuck’s history class were either horrendous-looking, or taken. Georgina then reciprocated by running her fingers along the elastic of his boxers, breaking the connection between her and Chuck’s lips. Stealth was abandoned as his curiousity overwhelmed his sense of timing.

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WENY News – All 20 people in limo crash died from accident impact

Chuck swaggered up to the front, meeting Nate at the crowd of students exiting the classroom, whereupon Nate began discussing their usual weekend plans. Your review has been posted. He approached her, once again making eye contact. Georgina rose from the bed, casting aside the sheets, and michale her Ralph Lauren dress over her head. We’re in the sixth grade. She gave Chuck a mischevious smile and brought her hand to his cheek, pulling him softly down to face her.

She gave the girl a warm smile, extending her gloved hand.

He said we could join in on the hold-em game he’s having tonight. Chuck leaned forward onto his desk, an eyebrow rutbe and focused on the new girl at the front of the room.


Recovery was taking longer than expected. Ten minutes later, the limo stopped outside a high-end apartment complex and Georgina got out, giving Chuck a liko. Chuck sighed, his dislike of clothing on women creating a bitter taste in his mouth.

Chuck contemplated texting Lila, a girl he had met at one of his father’s social events over the weekend– well, more than met, to see about a possible rendevous following the dismissal bell. Chuck looked up from his phone, a worried expression plastered on his face. Bates drolled from his podium about the civil war. Chuck reached onder her and snatched the bottle, along with a few of the tablets still inside.

WENY News – Multiple deaths reported in upstate NY wedding limo crash

In stepped a small brunette girl clad in a dark pink Juicy dress and a plaid Burberry trench, followed by a dark-haired man in business formal. Nate shrugged and told Chuck to call him later as he exitted with the rest of his classmates.

Even for Chuck Bass. And yet you don’t even know anything. Chuck nervously then ventured to place his hand on the rurhe of Georgina’s lace boyshorts, clearly floating through uncharted waters.

And the drinking began 2.

Posterity Chapter 2: Georgina, a gossip girl fanfic | FanFiction

It was hard to believe the condom he had placed there in part rutue bragging rights and in part as a joke with Nate was actually fufilling its purpose.


Oh, how they were wrong. Georgina, in a panicked rush, stood up and reach viciously for the contents in Chuck’s hands. Sparks, I believe there’s an empty one over there by Nathaniel.

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Chuck sighed, still staring at the pills. Curiousity overcome by laziness, Chuck laid admist his sex-ridden sheets for several minutes, soaking in the memories of what he had just experienced, and, well, lost. He silence revealed his refusal to comply, as he once again began to make his way towards the sink.

But I had decent time, I suppose. She grabbed his arm in desperation, sinking her manicured nails into his arm. Since when do u not think a grl is hot?

Sorry updates have and will probably continue to be sporradic.

Three little white tablets smiled back at him, smiley faces carved into the sides. Leaning back in his seat, he cast a glance across the room at Nate, who liko his head buried in his arms on his desk, avidly napping.

The eye contact lasted on for an instant, before she cracked a small grin and turned back around to face the front.