I just looked it up because it wasn’t mentioned in the Wiki page. If you don’t get it lined up right, by either wrestler, then yes there’s definite risk of major harm. The idea that limiting the impact on the opponents head by keeping the head between the legs is the same for both styles. A lot of wrestlers were getting hurt from them and one of the biggest wrestlers in Japan became paralyzed a year before this from one. The tombstone pile driver usually doesnt even come close to their head hitting the mat depending on how tall they are.

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You can lie to Shawn. It’s a lot less safer than a standing powerbomb. You and I have a real problem.

It’s so deadly, that people even refuse to us it in street fights. Not to be confused with The Coroner. When I first read the title of this post ol’ Paul’s the first person I thought of.

They must have cut away for those: And the Honky Tonk Man was the greatest Intercontinental champion ever. If you used the move it was an automatic DQ. He is one pliedriver the most memorable and recognizable superstars in the company’s history. Just who in the hell do you think you are, and whose side are you on? You could perform a regular piledriver as safely. He and his kayfabe “half-brother” Kane were the last two holdovers from WWE’s “Rock ‘n’ Wrestling” era of high-concept, comic book-style wrestling gimmicks, a decade thought to have perished with the Boogeyman.


The tombstone pile driver is fairly safe by comparison and that’s the reason they continue to use it along with mha being a staple of their gimmick. After his loss to Roman Reignsthe Undertaker seemingly retired from wrestling, however currently he prefers to keep his career on a semi-retired status, willing to appear and even wrestle when he considers the match and opponent are worthy.

Yes, a murderous zombie cowboy biker priest who wrestles.

Get Known if you don’t have an account. Bobby Fhe head is tucked up would be tucked down, except he’s upside down For 16 years, I thought the injury to Droz was because of the piledriver. So if you’re tired and you execute it incorrectly people can get hurt. But to this day I can’t think “Kemper Arena” or “May 23” without thinking about it.

6 Wrestling Finishers That Were Discovered By Accident

I can fully appreciate the piledriver being banned but the idea that Undertaker mxh Kane, at their age, are the only two strong enough to perform it safely is garbage. But you will not lie to me.

Punk escaped Hell in a Cell relatively in one piece, all he lost was his title. That one however thw resulted in a stinger. Undertaker was 2 on the list — 1 was Shawn Michaels. He broke his neck.


There’s two mountains in the WWE. You learn something new every day; what did you learn today?

6 Wrestling Finishers That Were Discovered By Accident

Considering they were 2 of the best at the time i could see how they got the go ahead. Back in the day there was a huge controversy because it was Thr Lawler’s finisher.

Taker and Kane, while older, are still allowed to do it because they are trusted to do it safely, the move is safer in itself, and they do have the strength to pull it off.

The difference between it and the regular and inverted piledrivers is that it isn’t a sit out pile driver. Also, the version of the piledriver used by Undertaker and Kane is called a tombstone piledriver, and it is much safer than a regular piledriver. Even though an undead “zombie wrestler” with mystical powers sticks out like a sore thumb in the so-called “Reality” Era, fans still adore it anyway.

If your TIL is found on this list, it will be removed. Hart probably broke his own neck falling from the rafters.