Also, I think my flyback is done for… The high voltage negative pin started arcing to the one next to it. November 25, at You flyback transformer is properly fine, arcing between the bottom pins is normal as we tend to over drive these small transformers by a lot. Then for the R 2W I used 2 1Kohm 1 watt resistors in parallel. Why would it change all of a sudden unless it had somehow failed internally? Hi Ram This is a low current high voltage power supply, what kind of lamp do you want to supply from such a high voltage? Replacing the transistor fixes the circuit.

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It sounds like a over voltage protection, when you suddenly remove the heavy load the voltage fkyback faster than the supply can regulate and it shuts itself down. The capacitor will absorb high voltage spikes that could come from inductive kick back from the transformer.

Replacing the transistor fixes the circuit.

You may get shown videos of 2ns TIP35Cs working in this configuration, but if their transformer is a bit soggier, or their transistor is a bit more robust, theirs could work OK, and yours fail. There are several things you can do to avoid failure due gkogle high collector voltage What kind of transformer are you trying to drive?

The new sweet spot seems to be 10 primary turns and 4 feedback turns. The driver is built on a piece of vero board with multiply resistors to obtain the needed wattage rating, this is far from optimal as the load sharing between them is horrible, to ensure better sharing. I have built flybaack driver as closely as I could with parts from RadioShack but I cant get any spark. Email Required, but never shown. The TIP35C mentioned in the video is V rating, but even that is goog,e low for the suggested configuration.


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Post as a guest Name. The 2n transistor is mounted on a flybak x 10 cm aluminium profile, this is just about enough to keep it alive doing long runs.

Perhaps a huge capacitor? IMO The Mazelli drivers that occasionally 2m3055 are generally due to people not using heat sinks or poorly made one as well. Is there anything I could tune in this circuit or should I instead just go ahead to the next level and build a Mazzilli driver?

Is the transistor heating up? I only used a jumper to turn it on in the ATX plug.

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April 24, at By fltback to use this website, you agree to their use. Hi William What kind of transformer are you trying to drive? Like I said, I’m fairly new to electronics, so I’m having a little trouble understanding parts of your answer! I also tried with a MJE transistor, many years ago, but if I remember correct I had the same issues, I think it has to do with the internal construction of the MJE that have a much higher voltage rating than the 2N and it flyabck been seen they are harder to drive in self resonant circuits without a designated driver.


The capacitor will absorb most of the high voltage transients occuring doing switching of the load. What purpose does the small capacitor across the protection diode serve?

The air gap increases the reluctunce of the magnetic circuit and therefore its capacity to store energy. Notify me of new posts by email. If you have any additional questions about the ZVS driver, please ask them in that article and not this for the 2n driver.

It was a fairly small one, though With the output coupled through a home made salt water capacitor it was possible to have loud and very bright sparks. Now the arc between the pins is continuous, thick and white, which renders the thing unusable.

2n3055 flyback driver

My power sources include a dying 9v battery, a Li ion, flybacj a high current laptop charger 18v, 4. The venerable old 2N is specified to only 60v on the collector. July 17, at However the PSU turns off as soon as I attach the flyback driver.