It scores slightly higher than the Ultra card did with older drivers. All-in-all an impressive package for a mid-end product. That was the dream and that would have been a right step. Gainward does have the reputation of going the extra mile when is comes to new cooling solutions and PCB design. There was the initial release — or whatever it was — of the and then a short while later came the rest of the gang. Furthermore, the chips used are Samsung chips rated at 4ns, leading me to believe there is little room for overclocking. But more important are the outputs on the card:

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WinProducer 3 CD is an application for content creation.

As a reference we also brought in a Ti We look at the amount and usefulness of included accessories and integrated features. Let’s hear what Gainward has to say about this: Video 3Digests Video cards: Now comes the yainward. Well, the Internet users and those who read reviews can be aware of gefprce tricks, but what about those who are deprived of the Internet? To save some time we ran the tests with Q3Bench.

AOpen Aeolus FX MB, Soltek GeForce FX MB Video CardsReview

Since the Ultra has such higher clock speeds it maintains a large lead, and the is barely beating out the Ultra. The Ultra version should run at MHz. Let’s take a good look at that box shall we: One thing that I really liked with this product was the fact that Gainward stopped using thermal pads, instead they are using high quality thermal paste and the heatsinks are easy to detach without having annoying sticky “pad-goo” everywhere.


Gainsard a logical step. The FX is a midlevel accelerator which can soon fall down to the low-end sector because the production cost of such cards is not great, and almost all NVIDIA’s partners are engaged in production of such cards. Even worse, some of these MB cards — Gainward has a plain MB model, for example — sell for a pretty high price. Decent scores here, although this definitely shows that the MB of memory isn’t doing the card much good.

The card ships in the retail package. A great move and should be appriciated by all you modders out there.

Video 3Digests Video cards: The Second Encounter v. Apparently the power consumption of this card is too much for a normal AGP-slot to handle under stable conditions. We compare the price to equal products and also the accessibility among retailers.

Gainward Fx5600 256mb AGP Grafikkarte NVIDIA GeForce 5600 Nv31 Agp8x CRT DVI TVO

How do you feel? The product is also affordable at US dollars. Test results Before we start examining 2D quality, I should say there are no complete techniques for objective 2D quality estimation because: There was the initial release — or whatever it was — of the and then a short while later came the rest of the gang.


The summer is at its height, the sales are falling down, but the number of new mainstream accelerators coming onto the shelves in growing up. Not all Golden Samples support this mode though. What geforcr the designers want to say using so expressionless faces is unknown. The quality of the TV-out and any other in and outputs are compared. The peculiarity of this card is that the Golden Sample line includes cards with carefully selected chips and with faster than recommended memory.

Matrox’ SharkMark program shows unfortunate vertex shader performance, not even able to keep up gfforce the Ultra card. Andrey Vorobiev anvakams ixbt.

Testbed and drivers Testbed: Gainward are certainly off to a good start here today. Besides, Chinese firms are also ready to start their mass production. Launching a 50 MHz faster version just weeks after the initial version is kind of “unfair” to those who bought the first version.