U Fingerprint Reader”; Provider: Even from a clean install, uninstalled and reinstalled – it does not work at all. But not all versions of Platinum will coexist with all versions of Gold. Other than that, Platinum 3. Fingerprint authentication technology is becoming more popular every day.

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E Default installer failed. It can be used in two ways, a matching server with capture solution, or just the capture solution. Digitalpersoona Set selected driver. The operation was canceled by the user.

I can make it work reliably with 3. I would definitely like to be as up to date as possible while not having to modify our software if possible.

But not all versions of Platinum will coexist with all versions of Gold. Not only did I get the device recognized but I also found the combination of software which integrates properly with our software.

It provides reliable, accurate, and virtually foolproof fingerprint recognition. U Family of Fingerprint Readers and Modules. Also, Windows XP doesnt have basic drivers that support the device, the drivers have to be explicitly installed by zp software.


But this is a matter of updating all portions of your software to use the new OTW apis. W Install failed, attempting to restore original files.

With the advancement of powerful biometric technologies, we are entering into a world where you need nothing but your physical digitalpersonz for the verification process.

Product | DigitalPersona U Fingerprint Reader, V – fingerprint reader – USB

Can you describe the digitalpersona software you are installing and uninstalling? The big change from Gold 2. I did what you asked but it did not work.

Board index All times are UTC. I also had versions 2. Here is the end of the log which has me doing the procedure you asked me to do yesterday Plus later device drivers that support the B and sensors. I then plug in the unit and it finds new hardware but does not digitakpersona where to find the drivers – I point it at either system32 or dpdrv and neither work.

If so, any ideas why the isn’t driver working? All questions regarding the DigitalPersona U.

Did you clean up the system like such: Generally speaking Platinum and Gold can coexist. U sensor based image technology enhance the acceptance and performance of M2SYS reader. This is after a complete cleaning following the steps you provided.



Even with cleaning up the files digitalpersonw the hard drive and from the registry and rebooting and reinstalling the software 2. I need to have a newer version of software so I tried version 3. I pointed at C: M2SYS simplifies the development and deployment of biometric projects. InfPath Export these subkeys then delete them.

Drivers for Fingerprint Readers

There are quite a few traditional authentication systems which are largely dependent on human management with a complex and inconvenient verification system. XP giving error when plugging in Diyitalpersona. You can run the dpinst utility from this folder if you want to re-install the drivers.

Can you please shed some light on all the versions I have – I need to weed out the garbage.