The DEC keyword, can also be specified as Decimal , allows you to specify the character to use as a decimal separator. United States English English. A value of 0 disables data compression. These options should only be used when debugging problems or when recommended by support as they will adversely affect performance. You need to be very careful when using this option, because it can cause your application program to hang if you get the options incorrect. The default is 0 ; do not use true auto-commit.

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There is a good internet resource regarding connectionstrings of all flavors: United States English English. You need to be very careful when using this option, because it isereis cause your application program to hang if you get the options incorrect. Note that the last label statement uses the TEXT keyword, which connectioh cause the label to become an iSeries column description whereas conjection label statement without the TEXT keyword specifies a column heading.

The problem with using connection strings is that IBM likes to change some keywords from Client Access version to Client Access version. Another problem with data source names, if you are deploying ODBC applications to end users, is that you must set up the data source on the end users machine as part of your program installation process.

A future version of iSeries Access will no longer register the Client Access driver name causing these applications to fail if they are not updated. Option 32 causes the driver to convert static cursors to dynamic cursors.

Use only as directed by your technical support provider. Lseries first library listed in this property will also be the default schema or librarywhich is used to resolve unqualified names in SQL statements.

File DSN for iSeries AS ODBC connection – Stack Overflow

A value of 1 tells the driver to suppress any error messages when unsupported connectino are used. Setting this property to 0 forces the driver to always retrieve the LOB values with additional communication flows.


Let us say you have a library on your iSeries called X but you place X12 into your library list and there is no corresponding library X12 on your iSeries; your library list will not be replaced because of the invalid library. Any un-qualified table names must exist in the default library, either first in the list or your user name, see rules 1 and 2or they will not be found.

If the TEXT keyword is used in a column label, the limit is 50 characters and the label is treaded as a column description, not a header.

I recommend that you stay away from this option as dynamic cursors can lead to more locks and overhead on the iSeries. Some of these options look quite interesting.

In this way, you increase your performance by a keeping the records in the employee file smaller and therefore easier to cache on the iSeries, and b separating large objects to possibly a different ASP and keeping programs from accessing the large objects accidentally when opening the employee file. This option is only available to Windows and later operating systems that have Kerberos enabled and can only talk to V5R2 and above iSeries systems.

Block fetching will cause the iSeries to send multiple results, if a function returns more than one resultto the client application even if the client application only requests one record in a single fetch. Any of the possible values can be added together to calculate a combined value. To turn on pre-fetch, use value 1. Post as a guest Name. The CMT keyword, can also be specified as CommitModeidentifies the isolation level that should be used when connecting to the iSeries.


In addition, if you specify a library twice in the list your library list may not be replaced, this depends a lot on the version of Client Access and the PTF level on your iSeries.

Specifies whether to override the ODBC concurrency setting by opening all cursors as updateable. Specifies one or more options to affect how catalog APIs return information.

IBM Making an iSeries Access for Windows ODBC Connection to an IASP – United States

Specifies the maximum scale used in arithmetic calculations involving decimal data. If you are programming a web application, you could be issuing hundreds of connections to the iSeries a minute, and the performance hit of reading the registry is not something you want to have in your application. A value of 0the default, will cause uppercase and lowercase character to be treated equally in sorting. Each value depends on the xccess range of values for the appropriate keyword.

Connection string keywords

A value of 1 will cause the driver to send statements as Unicode. Acces the preference for concurrent access resolution. Keywords That Can Help in Debugging The following section deals with keywords that can be helpful when attempting to diagnose performance problems or application errors between the client and the server.

It is important to understand how these settings can effect the execution of your programs on the client and server and how some options affect the way stored procedures and user defined functions are created.

You would then use the odbcc to look up the employee picture large object from the large objects table. The default is 0 ; do not use true auto-commit.