There were four different hardware revisions of this player. This player is not considered as a descendant of the c series, as it only plays audio. Windows 7 IT Pro. The Sansa eR was released in October About the Author Alexis Rohlin is a professional writer for various websites.

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My sister has one of these that I helped her with, and we didn’t have any issues loading smaller numbers of files.

No sound no nothing except that it turns on the device so it obviously knows something is plugged in right? I am new to Ubuntu so I’m not sure how to proceed when it says: Repeat the step 5 and uninstall all items under “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”.

Selected song or podcast doesn’t play. Click on the MP3 file you wish to add to your Sansa and drag it over to the Sansa’s now open “Music” folder to download the file onto your MP3 player and save it.

If there is a yellow exclamation point next to your MP3 player’s name, then there is a problem with the device’s driver. Retrieved May 17, Can you be a bit more specific about where you’re getting hung up?


It’s quite possible that you got a lemon. They also have built in microphones for recording and settings they also have radio and music. The new widget lasted just a few weeks before it started freezing in the middle of a podcast, then would only turn on to a green screen. Did this solve your problem?

How to Add MP3 to a Sandisk Sansa

You can use this to streamline signing up for, or signing in to your Hubpages account. After that, please check if your player is compatible with Win7, you can ibstall it in the following link: The latest firmware releases, depending on hardware version, are Good thing it is not expensive and it’s the right size.

There is a microphone for low-fidelity 8 kHz voice recording, and there is a built in FM radio. I contacted Sandisk support and after following their instalk to try to restore it, the consensus is that my mtp driver is corrupted and I need to reinstall Windows Media Player.

SanDisk Sansa

Now, please update your drivers for you laptop, espically for the Chipset, BIOS, you can get them from the following link according to your system version. Changes Coming to the iTunes Store. I have the same question 6.

Retrieved March 26, I’m used to iPods but my mother is just sure she’d never use an MP3 player so my brothers and I thought we’d start small and not shell out the big bucks to start, but this is pretty frustrating.


All win 10 computers don’t recognize Sansa MP3 player – Microsoft Community

I purchased the sansa clip zip from Amazon for a Christmas gift. Press “Down” to move to the first item and press “Delete” to remove it. In Windows, open the Start menu and right-click “Computer. Right-click the audio file you want to enter metadata cabt to open a context menu. I tried my other Sansa and same thing on all three.

In reply to Nachappa C K’s post on January 6, Click “Open device to view files using Windows Explorer. How satisfied are you with this reply? Retrieved December 6, Instalk Sansa Firmware Updater program will launch. I would suggest you to refer the link mentioned below, perform the steps and check if it helps.