Pitney Bowes does not support Networking. Make sure the input area is free of dust and othermatter. Chapter 6, TroubleshootingContains a list of possible problems and their solutions. AddressLayout continued To use the Address Layout option: Right click the Pitney Bowes icon, then left click theProperties option.

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Alsofeed fence set incorrectly. The printer prints a diagonal lineacross the material.

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The horizontal adjustment prompt displays and thesample shown on the next page prints on the envelope. Print Quality continued To use the Print Quality option: This information ishelpful in determining solutions to printer problems. Load Material continued Once your printer is set up, you can load material and makea test print. The gap betweenthe H-Block separator fingers and the feed rollers shouldbe just enough to allow a single piece to feed through theprinter.

Setup Example Using 10 Envelopes: All records printed using Outline will appear ashollow text. Use it to compensate for different material thicknesses and to increase clarity of the printing. Take a manageable amount of material and whileholding it as shown, fan all sides of the material toseparate each piece. Printing virtually anywhere on an envelope.


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Destination Address ThroughputThree lines, 18 characters per line, no barcode, margin fiveinch Print quality is less sharp when using Tyvek,recycled or glossy media. When you enable this option, instead of addressesprinting, a Hex dump of the data stream prints on the material. The Setup Menu options are: If a document is sent to the printer when it is unavailable, the document will be held spooled until the printer isavailable.

Open the print area door assembly of the printer, and adjust the media thickness knob. Adjust the Exit Rollers Find the letter A on theabove chart, and look towards the top of the chart MSB and locate the Hex number 4.

Page 77 Chapter 6TroubleshootingThis chapter lists common printerproblems and offers suggestions onhow to fix them. Using the Printer If the General tab window is not currently active, left click theGeneral tab.

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AddressLayout continued To use the Address Layout option: Use the long fence for larger material. Incorrect media thickness knob setting. LCD menu display available in seven languages.


Make sure material is loaded properly.

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Also review the FAQson our web site. Adjust H-blocks to thickness of material.

DInk Jet technology with shuttling head. Pleasereview the safety information on pages and Zero 0 can only be the number, notthe letter O.

Stuffing materials must be machine folded or cut sheets. Adjust Ramp to W070 Media —Add a stackof media and adjust theramp downward untilthe first piece of mediais resting half way downthe angle of the rampsurface as pictured below one piece of mediais shown for simplicity. Envelope thickness knob set too thick. And, yourprinter will perform at its best when you run material thatfalls within our published specifications.