See Figures and , and Tables and Section 18 deals with interoperability with non-Andrew devices. A Hardware Wizard window will open. Make sure firewall is turned off Section 8. Turn power to controller off and back on. The shorting condition can be caused by improper installation or that the circuit inside an actuator has been damaged by some external event such as a lightning strike. This feature allows the operator maximum flexibility to observe a site.

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ATCLITE-USB Teletilt Portable RET RS to RS RET Controller – Talley Inc.

Status LED Displays red when alarmed. Open Word and paste Cntl V. Both units also provide signal level conversion from RS— used on a PC to RS— used in ATM actuatorsas well as power to the actuators that are attached to the antennas.

If all devices are found, the equipment is ready for installation. CommScope provides the most up-to-date antenna definition files for our RET compatible antennas to be managed in the RET systems shown below.

Andrew Atc200-lite-usb Teletilt Controller System USB Power Supply AISG ATC200

Actuator Modes and Antenna Suffixes. If the symptom remains, verify there are at least 16 volts dc feeding into the RET input. Select Properties Figure Select Continue anyway to finish loading the drivers. The bottom unit is installed at the base of the tower.


Andrew Atc – Lite USB Ret Controller | eBay

Click on lit link for the product of interest Figure The user of this design training tool assumes all risks associated with any use of this Design training lute. Click on this link to return to product list.

Four-way and seven-way junction boxes Section 2. If you have questions, CommScope’s Customer Support Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week atc020 assist with all technical related inquiries. Windows may open an Alarm Window indicating that the drivers you are installing have not been verified. Andrew installation instructions are written for such installation personnel.

Good Damaged Figure The male connector should be attached towards the bottom end component output sideand the female connector should be attached at the top end component input side.

Check alarms and refer to Sections 5 and 6.

Select Turn off Pop-up Blocker. Allow device to cool for a minute or two and retry. Press switch litf OFF position to create an open in the cable line with cable attached to both ends of breakout box. Once you completed controller pite, follow the previous steps to reset your computer to its original configuration.


If it starts communicating, add other devices one at a time, rescanning after each device is added, until the error occurs.

Solving a RET problem does not always require technical expertise. Register and select Get Software.

Andrew Atc200 – Lite USB Ret Controller

Voltage level should be close to 24Vdc. If you do not have serial ports on the computer, use a serial to USB adapter.

Contact Andrew Customer Support. Note that the controller should be turned off before any connections are made. Not used in the Andrew RET system. Otherwise, go to the desktop, right click on the ATC Lite icon and click on properties to get the folder where the driver is located. Improper Site Installation – Example 2. If the device is still not communicating, replace the device.

Ensure that you are using the connection that represents your RJ45 port on the back of your computer. Each cable has a male and a female 8—pin circular connector.