Built-in RTC and battery. In ublox5 it is “only available with premium feature raw data”. Ships bad packet checksums when it does not have a fix. Also includes an untested Bluetooth interface. There is an RS variant as well, not yet tested.

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If a second number is given it is a measured NTP offset.

R4 Series GPS Receiver Module

May work inside wood frame buildings. The vendor is out of business, but there are lots of these still around in Reported by Chris S.

This is a GPS data logger with mouse functionality. That can be done with the rgmpy utility by Karsten Petersen. The best indoor performer I have tested. To use this device with NTPd, set the the “fudge” factor to 0. Reported by Reported by Eric S. Also a similar GR version available. This device is not a conventional handfrtee unut for a car; it looks like a bulky wristwatch and is meant for bicycle handlebars.


Where possible, we indicate this in the device table.

Compatible GPSes

GPSD works as far back as the 0. The 48 has been discontinued.

It was cool in its day, now a dinosaur mainly good for regression testing. Firmware updates are available from ublox; the update is strongly recommended as it fixes a number of UBX bugs, and adds useful new features. The 17N has been discontinued and replaced by the 17HVS. Leading supplier of communications and positioning anntaris announces significant roadmap investment in RPMA technology. Haicom provided a test unit.

u-blox AG – Embedded Computing Design

The single chip also brings benefits such as simplified chipset integration and a shorter bill of materials to accelerate the development of ANTARIS 4-based products and lower design risks. Pilotplugs are RS, 8N1. This is from a simulator but with real equipment. Actually sends ‘6’ in the GGA rating record for dead-reckoning fixes.

The device has a four pin socket described by Garmin as a serial interface. This is implemented in all Antaris chips.

Requires the -b option. The interface was RS but used a custom RJ jack. Uses SiRF firmware version 2.


Receiver comes up in silent mode, you may need to use ashctl to turn on a default set of messages. Magellan Now owns what used to be the Thales and Asht product lines. The site won the prestigious European “Online Star” Internet user award for the third time in in the “Computers and Technology” category and the readers of the computer magazine “PC Praxis” awarded the web site for the best online-shop in This is the u-blox eval kit for the LEA-6H.

Receivfr poor sensitivity and takes a lot longer to cold-start than the vendor claim 45 of 45 seconds. Reported by Gary E. Page that comes with it states: Probably uses PL but we have not verified this.