Supermax manual lathe LGH swing over bed: It has the following: Initiates peck drill cycle G Optionally machine can be equipped with carbide saw blades. Century 18″ – 35″ x 4′ – 6′ Catalog size 16″, S , 18″ Swing 35″ swing in gap , 4′ Between centers closed 6′ open , Sliding gap bed slides open up to 24″, 8″ 3 Jaw chuck, 27″ Face plate, Taper attachment, Hard ways 2 piece, Steady rest. Portage 4″ Horizontal Boring Mill: One to four axes can be included on a block with G0.

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Required Diameter of bolt circle.

Sheet Metal Fab and Machine Tools – February 17, 2015

Each individual cutting job must be considered with regards to type and shape of material, and quantity of pieces per day. The remaining blocks in the program describe the tarvel moves, Canned Cycles, and Tool changes to complete the machining.

Activate a tool before programming a pocket cycle. If no value is given, no finish stock is left. The P entry return height is optional, and you do not need acurkte provide it. Z could have been omitted. Uncompensated All rights reserved.


When the spindle motor load increases, the field in the Display Gauge increases. Required Lower-left corner radius. Optional Center of slot in X-axis.


Optional finish pass is made in the same manner at feedrate K. If you do not provide Z and H, program a separate Z move to raise the tool out of the hole after the cycle. P and L are optional. You must drill a start hole acuritf to the G cycle. Saws Vertical Bandsaw 65cm Vertical Bandsaw 65cm.

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Move to X-2 Y2. They both have a The switch makes a clicking sound when it resets.

You must position the XY axes at the lower-left theoretical sharp corner of the island before you program G If the programmer enters a negative value, both direction of cut and the starting and endpoints reverse. The same tool does all the work.

The first block of any program is usually a safe start position and toolchange position a position away from the work where the axes can return for safe tool changing. ToolComp D Tool Compensation. Reeming in the third. Optional Finish-pass feed rate. The machine feeds into the profile along Ramp 1, cuts the rectangle to the M Length and W Width specified then ramps away from the work along Ramp 2. Tool rapids to P dimension, then to the original XY location.


StockAmt S Amount to leave for a finish pass after the roughing passes.

i CNC User`s Manual – Acu-Rite |

Press Delete F7 to delete the selected text. Input the “perimeter” of the pocket into a subprogram. Eckold Walter Eckold KF Use a semicolon ; to separate the commands. Adjusting Fixture Offsets in the Table To adjust an existing fixture offset: Try our Machineseeker app now! The machine builder determines the effective jog and feed rates at setup.