Power supply of watts and above is highly recommended for system stability. For some components, if you install in the wrong orientation, the components will not work properly. Any attempt to operate beyond product specifications is not recommended. The CPU can only fit in the correct orientation. Do not place anything over the power cord. Then push down the power supply firmly into the connector. JCD1 This connector is provided for external audio input.

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The equipment has obvious sign of breakage. Then push down the power supply firmly into the connector. Then return to pin position.

audi The memory module has only one notch on the center and will only fit in the right orientation. Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. The openings on the enclosure are for air convection hence protects the equip ment from overheating. Important You can barely see the golden finger if the memory module is properly inserted in the DIMM slot.

Download Drivers for MSI MS motherboard (Socket ) Audio mpu

W hile zudio the installation, be careful in holding the components and follow the installation procedures. W hen you are installing the CPU, make sure the CPU has a heat sink and a cooling fan attached on the top to prevent overheating. Static electricity may damage the components. Make sure that all the connectors are connected to proper power supplies to ensure stable operation of the mainboard. Alternatively, please try the following help resources for further guidance.


Press down the CPU 5.

Always Unplug the Power Cord before inserting any add-on card or module. Look for the gold arrow on the CPU. All cautions and warnings on the equipment should be noted. Avoid clearing the CMOS while the system is on; it will damage the mainboard. Otherwise, data loss may occur during transmission.

MSI 6507 MS-6507 Intel socket 478 Motherboard AGP 3x PCI Sound USB 4x DDR Sound

Line-Out Green – Line Out, is a connector for speakers or headphones. Manually check if the memory module has been locked in place by the DIMM slot clips at the sides. Overclocking This mainboard is designed to support overclocking. The Aueio can only fit in the correct orientation. Then press down the other end of retention mechanism. Trademarks All trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

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You can differentiate the color of the audio jacks for different audio sound effects. If any of the following situations arises, get the equipment checked by service audo Any attempt to operate beyond product specifications is not recommended. Locate the Fix Lever and lift up it.


Insert the memory module vertically into the DIMM slot. DDR3 pins, 1.

Please note that any violation of the Gold arrow correct installation procedures may cause permanent damage to your mainboard. T he gold arrow s hould point as aueio in the picture.

Then push it in until the golden finger on the memory module is deeply inserted in the DIMM slot. If the mainboard has a System Hardware Monitor chipset onboard, you must use a specially designed fan with speed sensor to take advantage of the CPU fan control. Place ms-66507 power cord such a way that people can not step on it.