Do you try to use external monitor with linux? One can get wireless to work without flaw. I know XP is better but i am curious how i could revert back to original vista. Since grub2 is not yet off the mint, information to fix problems with it can be hard to come by I will not be on support – too lazy and too ignorant you see. If I recall the FN keys work.

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I feel this grub syslinux recursive lunux approach is fairly generic and should also work with other non-ubuntu distributions on sc3, though never tried with other distros myself. I’d still want to be able to use the F8 restore function during bootup for a system restore to factory settings in case of any screw ups. Buit-In Stereo Speakers 5. In case you run kohhinsha problems and cannot boot into your machine, boot into the live usb.

Linux on Kohjinsha SA1F0

The obvious reason for this step is to backup you precious data. Could this be installed on this machine, along with the downloadable drivers, and work? All times are UTC. But I haven’t really played with it much.

Some seem to have enabled desktop effects on a dell mini I’ve read in this liinux by downgrading the kernel.

I wouldn’t spend too much time targeting a Geode system with an x screen. So, if anyone else has had luck with mint please say so and I’ll just go that route ljnux begin with Open file for writing, stuff in 0-bytes until the partition is full, then close the lohjinsha and remove it. If you have not used dd before, do lots of googleing before you do. I just followed your instructions and now have Jaunty working.


UMPC – Kohjinsha SC3-GB (GPS)

I made it works with grub2!!! Everything else is pretty much there.

Other than that, Peppermint is hot sauce. Ideally I want Ubuntu or some Linux on this thing but right now its just not possible without severely limiting the functionality of the device.

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I’ve been having a weird problem lately; my Kohjinsha will only boot kohhjinsha it’s plugged into the wall; it won’t work otherwise it hangs with the blinking cursor, just like when using Ubuntu’s grub loader instead of a live cd or the openSUSE grub loader.

It won’t start anymore. I used Jaunty beta, but I am now reinstalling Hardy due to the graphics driver issue. This is the upside.

Depending on your version of syslinux when it executes it might show a boot: Now, with regards to making a backup image with dd, it has been pointed out that piping dd to gzip doesn’t really decrease the image size by any significant factor. You can try different root arguments like hd1,0 to see. But i have a couple of questions to ask.


Does anyone else have a problem kohjinsh when they close their SC3 lid the screen goes black and when they reopen it the screen won’t turn on again? But if there are so many driver problems, it will be really difficult. Does anyone know if this is an Ubuntu bug or a Grub bug?

I am very close to getting mplayer-vaapi working but have some video corruption on playback.

My progress bar: Wifi working in my Kohjinsha with Linux!

You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum. Anyone knows when exactly? So the solution is to remove the random data beforehand, in other words, zero out those unused blocks. In case of any screwups, I’d like to be able to restore the comp to factory settings. Relatedly, I don’t have an external disk. Ensure that you install grub at the end.