And there were ZERO convictions for any wrong doing. Princess Wave Kevin Switzer, Jr. Opening Day a success at Scarborough Downs. Converse Fair website links to Asian porn. It was not lasix but I told the vet to go ahead and treat him. Cheryl Leigh David Ingraham faded slightly at the wire as she settled for third best.

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I thanked Marc Mosher for coming forward and telling his side of the story for everyone to read. While morning-line favorites Shurfine Baby Cate and Princess Wave hooked up in a determined quest for the top, Dansan Flicka sat patient at the wood. In other news, Drew Campbell held the hot hand, winning three dashes from the nine race card.

Gary Mosher hits grand slam at Scarborough :: Harnesslink

Marcus Melander heads Dan Patch honorees. Gary Mosher reaches milestone of 6, wins. He had more than 1, wins as a driver.

Gary Mosher hits grand slam at Scarborough John Braden and Jackson Gratton were also great driving rivals during those years. July 31, Read More News About He developed into a top driver and has nearly 6, wins. Skowhegan Raceway continues to hold the Hsrness Record as of August It was just a total disaster.

What does the future now hold for Marc Mosher? I made a stupid mistake that has cost me my career in harness racing. Bibbidi Boo goes undefeated in Maine Sire Stakes. If he does and there are no further gar then I will be the first to congratulate him.


Before the starting gate was introduced, horses used to start a race by lining up at the head of the stretch and then the judge would yell Go if they were lined up fairly and No Chance if they were not lined up. Hight who was S. Last week I did a column on racetrack management needing to do their homework on allowing harness racing people to compete at their tracks when they have a questionable history.

Dansan Flicka upsets in Scarborough stakes action.

Gary Mosher hits grand slam at Scarborough

A couple of months later the commission finally understood my side of the story. What is wrong her mum; hasn’t she heard that Gary has been banned from the babies receiving room from the maternity ward at Thayer hospital in Slaughter ville. I thought this strange and thought maybe he was just bored until I went in one day and realized that the girl working at the store her Mum owns it is approximately 15 years old. I would guess that if Marc completes the season at Cal Expo without any incidents that he may have a chance to return to pari-mutuel racing on the East Coast in Keystone Natalie – And Gary Mosher who recorded his fourth win on the card.


Hitchcock December 26, Gary Mosher, who just turned 56 yary old on the Fourth of July, had haness and friends on-hand to witness this momentous occasion. Analyze Michael Graffamthe post time favorite who set up the mosger flow and gave live moshfr to the eventual winner was third.

I had asked the veterinarian to give him something for his bleeding. In a new Race Paddock was built, named the Forrest “Bud” Stevens Memorial Paddock, for his participation in events and his contributions to the fair. Fast Pat settled for the bridesmaid share this week after breaking through to the stakes winner’s column in her last appearance. I though he had a pretty good chance coming into this race. My brother Gary is nine years old misher me and he was already helping on the farm and started with the horses.

Live racing continues throughout the summer at Scarborough Downs with the Friday and Saturday cards scheduled to get underway at 4: Oh, and she does not live up to her name, she’s a very sweet little filly in the barn.