It was basically an install and forget situation. OK I skipped to the end so I may have missed this somewhere. I somehow missed this thread before. Hope someone can advise. Hi, I’m having the same problem with the EMU PCI, with the sound swapping between being fine and then distorted like its being played at a very low bit rate in Windows 7. I haven’t found a trigger for this. In addition, since the new drivers, I sometimes get a new problem where the sound just stops working completely.

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I actually seen that driver issue you’re talking about prior to posting this.

Creative Worldwide Support > E-MU PCIe

However, keep in mind this is with the e-mu EMU M are a great sound card that sounds absolutely stunning. What is the changelog?

I may try installing the old drivers and then installing the new drivers ‘on top’ First of all I always had this problem drivers!!!!!!!!!! Actualy EMU doesn’t deserve to buy another their product but I guessI don’t have much time to learn nothing more, but who knows Thanks, in particular, goes to Ritchie who uploaded the files for me, top banana mate!!! More about windows wont install drivers pro audio sound card I may be wrong, but I think there are no win7 drivers for the EMU PCI you will have to search for some unofficial or beta drivers which may be unstable.


I am also not stupid though, I know the RME pvi/pcie is better. You can download and install our Windows Vista drivers from our website.

BSOD’s with EMU m PCI in Windows 7 bit

Saturday, May 29, 6: I am going to try that now, if anyone of you has any idea of what could be causing the problem I am facing, please do share with me. Here’s what I did: I bumped across a posting in another forum in which a bloke claims that his m works perfectly on W7. Originally Posted by Jason Brian Merrill wow, kinda glad i converted to presonus Win 7, Win Server 2.

Gotta love the brand loyalty Creative attracts with their refusal to develop drivers for new Operating Systems, eh? I have a m pci card with this intermittent problem. Windows 7 Sound Card: So now I’m looking for a pci device.

Funny realy, because I was ultra nervous about buying the emi all those years back because of Creative’s flaky reputation but I have to say the m has given me nothing but excellent service.

EMU 1616 and Windows 7 64 bit OS

That seems kind of odd and behind the curve and was mainly why I was asking about it here. Our preliminary testing shows that our Vista drivers when used with Windows 7 perform as well as they do under Windows Vista for most users.


If anyone has any ideas as to what is going on, please do let me know. Sometimes the sound comes back to it’s original quality, but after some time fails again. Is EMU still in operation? I have problems too.

I think I will buy one and give it a try. Saturday, May 9, 1: As widows as it has low latency ASIO and a decent sound engine.

If you cant see patchmix you have installed only HALF the software. ATM Build is rock solid on my machine. Windows 7 bit, Windows 7 bit, Windows 8 bit, Windows 8 bit.

Eu have cpi/pcie m version, and regardless on what version you have, i’ve read how sketchy the driver support is for Win7. I don’t know if somebody can help me Now it seems I have to rollback to Vista in order to do that.