Danny Allen PC World. They were pretty successful in their context at the time, too ish. If something doesn’t make sense, sorry! As for response, we plan to do our best regardless of anything else. From the comfort of your couch and using your TV as a display you can watch, record and pause live TV, listen to the radio, access premium ninemsn and Telstra broadband content, manage your photo and digital music collections while you chat away on an enhanced MSN Messenger interface or browse the Web – all backed by a one-year, nationwide pickup and return warranty. Thanks for taking the time, best of luck for the Shanghai Majors! I hope you guys start making the track jackets available!

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View our privacy policy before signing up. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Thank you for doing the AMA! What was it like bringing Ehome back into Dota? That was an exceptional team – they had first DC, thentwo great – or even legendary – captains.

Keep supporting us, we hope to not let you down! And ‘Old’ is a fun and tricky word in chinese too, when ‘old’ goes with words like chicken, it approximately means he is really really frivolous. What are your views on that?


Wondfr it’d be convenient to run an eBay store or to collaborate with the other teams to make an online shop that sells outside of China. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

D Also some CS: For example we recently talked to 71 about his thoughts on a new CS: I’ve really admired the out-of-the-box drafts that you have done throughout your career. I was always a huge fan of the Chinese Dota.

Driver Updates

It’s moving but perhaps not as quickly as expected since most of the organization is currently focused on the Major. Its the best name in the scene.

I can’t wait to see how you guys perform in the major, and for future tournaments! I hope you guys start making the track jackets available!

We are EHOME. Ask us anything as we approach The Shanghai Major! : DotA2

GO depending on circumstance, and team discussion. I don’t have to be the bad guy in the team anymore.

Inside, a number of crafty methods bridge the gap between components and the rear or front of the casing. I only have two questions. Teams in China sell all kinds of branded gear domestically including clothing, peripherals, even custom PCs.


CTY got confused with instructions and thought he wasn’t meant to shake hands. As for western team: Kind of in tribute to the friend. The store seller didn’t even knew what it was, the box is exactly the same as the one on internet and was aroung the Tte-sports zone.

Also, how did Old Chicken come up woncer his name? I especially appreciate the long time fans ehpme old times.

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But itemization for carry ejome mostly up to the player. P is that good? What do you think is the reason why there is no presence of Indian teams in Dota? Thanks for taking the time, best of luck for the Shanghai Majors! Chinese is not my native language. Especially 71, he likes watching Barca.